you did it on short notice and finished on schedule despite challenging weather conditions

Mary & John from Sucina



At Gary's Home Improvements our commitment to our customers is to ensure that they receive the best possible value and quality from their investment. We carry out and inspect every job so that it meets the high standards our customers have come to expect. Gary's Home Improvements is fully insured and bonded, for our customers' satisfaction and peace of mind.


Gary's Home Improvements seek to provide its services in a professional manner with an ongoing mission of providing 100% customer satisfaction. At Gary's Home Improvements its doing the little things right that make all the difference. Honesty and hardworking, courtesy and professionalism, communication, understanding and cleanliness, these are the foundation blocks which we build upon.


"Gary, Just a note to say thank you for your contribution to getting the house in sucina ready for sale. Mostly that you did it on short notice and finished on schedule despite challenging weather conditions. I know that decks are not your specialty Gary but it looks 'one thousand percent better than it did before'. The before and after pictures speak for themselves. By the way, there is a conditional offer on the house!"


- Mary and John Sucina (2008)

“You did a great job on my master bathroom the floor, tub and shower look magnificent, you took the time and did it right. The second bathroom floor came out better than I expected as well, and the swimming pool just looks amazing in the space we had. Your professionalism, patience, and dedication to your work were well appreciated.”


- Kevin from Playa Flamenca (2007)

"My new hardwood flooring looks great, it really finishes off the entire room. The new tiles on the kitchen floor really make the kitchen standout and enhance it like you said they would. All your hard work and time has really paid off. You were extremely professional to work with, and I have no problem recommending you to anyone for future jobs"


- Susan from Alcazares (2006)

"Just a little note to thank you for all your hard work and time you spent on our house. The shelves you installed in the girl's wardrobes are really coming in handy, and the painting looks great. Thanks for all your dedicated work and time. You really do take the time and do things right"


- Steve from Sucina (2006)

"The hallway painting looks amazing, and with the new kitchen faucets and electrical fixtures our house sold on the same day that it was posted for more than the asking price. Thanks again for your dedicated time and professionalism"


- Cathy from Murcia (2007)